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Epoxy Floor Coating Services

Epoxy Flooring in Church epoxy Epoxy Floor Coating Services harmon 1 300x180Epoxy flooring has made some very drastic changes in the last 20 or so years. It seems like it wasn’t that long ago when epoxy was only for the industrial and commercial customer. It was also very expensive! Keep in mind that while epoxy prices have come down significantly in recent years, it can still be quite expensive. Polished concrete and stained polished concrete are excellent alternatives if price is a factor.

Times have changed and so has epoxy! Not only are we installing it on garage floors in residential homes, but we’re installing it in place of tile, VCT, carpet and wood flooring throughout the entire home!

Don’t settle for a floor that eventually looses the reason you wanted it in the first place… Appearance! When you choose an epoxy floor over other flooring types, you can expect, and get, a beautiful floor that will last for years and years with little to no maintenance.

Why Choose Harmon Concrete?

  • In business since 1987, we’re here to stay.
  • Harmon Concrete utilizes the absolute best materials available anywhere on the market.
  • We constantly undergo extensive training making sure we provide you with the best possible service.
  • Attention to detail.
  • We’ve been providing quality workmanship at affordable pricing for almost 30 years.
  • Hundreds of options – Colors and styles.
  • Design services included for free.

When it comes to choosing epoxy over tile, VCT, carpet and wood flooring in a residential home, the biggest question should be how long will it last before major maintenance is going to be required. When it comes to epoxy, the answer is simple. With basic maintenance like sweeping and mopping, it will literally last for more than 20 years!

Epoxy Tile Transformation epoxy Epoxy Floor Coating Services Epoxy Tile Transformation 11 e1389158343226 300x208We can also give your garage concrete a showroom look using epoxy. Epoxy coatings are anything but new and Harmon Concrete has been installing epoxy floors for years.

Epoxy has been used for years on industrial floors because of their toughness, durability, and resistance to oil, grease, and most other chemicals that ruin regular old paint. That’s why many mechanic’s shops and dealerships use them. In the past few years, however, it has become a growing trend for homeowners, and Harmon Concrete makes having an industrial concrete floor in your residential home affordable.

Having an epoxy concrete floor is a great idea for garage floors and basement floors to cover dull, gray concrete and give you attractive, easy to clean surfaces. It prevents stains from spills and leaky automobiles and helps maintain a strong concrete surface. It will greatly reduce the need for floor repairs down the road caused by salts and chemicals that chew up concrete.

What are the benefits of an epoxy floor?

  • Strong Adhesion
  • Long Lasting
  • Rustproof
  • Waterproof
  • Heat Resistant (no hot tire pick-up)
  • Salt and Acid Resistance
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Nontoxic when dry
  • Cracks are repaired and covered

The biggest advantage of having an epoxy concrete floor in your garage is that it’s become relatively inexpensive for residential homeowners. In most cases it can be done for a few hundred dollars or less, depending on the size of the floor and the type of epoxy used.

Epoxy floors come in a variety of colors and styles to match any home decor. Harmon Concrete will be more than happy to help you pick out the best possible colors.

When shopping for epoxy flooring for exterior use, let Harmon Concrete make sure the job gets done right. Not all epoxy is appropriate for exterior use. If you live in a harsh climate, I recommend that you check out our acid and acrylic concrete stains before deciding to use an epoxy. Polished concrete may also be an option. Stains hold up much better against mother nature. If you live anywhere in Northwest Arkansas, you won’t have to worry much about finding the right product. All you have to do is contact us. Let Harmon Concrete take the worry factor completely out of it!

If you decide to use epoxy on your concrete floor, the most important key to a long lasting finish is surface preparation, surface preparation, surface preparation. I stress this point because there are many brands and types to choose from, but a properly prepared floor will be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful floor. After years in the concrete business, Harmon Concrete has researched the best products for every type application.

We also apply a clear coat of concrete sealer on top that acts as a sacrificial coat and keep your new epoxy floor looking beautiful. Contact Harmon Concrete and our epoxy flooring experts will complete your project on time and in a professional manner!

Most of our epoxy flooring projects are completed within 2-3 days depending on the existing structure of the floor. Contact us by phone or request a 100% free estimate online.

If you’re in the market to have a concrete company put epoxy on your garage floor, basement floor or any other concrete and you live in or around Northwest Arkansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma or Missouri, please give the professionals at Harmon Concrete a call. We want to be your concrete flooring contractor and your concrete flooring company! For your added convenience, we have an online appointment scheduling system so you can have one of our owners call or come by on a day and time that works best for you.

Harmon Concrete proudly offers the following services: Polished ConcreteStained polished concrete, epoxy flooring, concrete countertops, coating removal and concrete leveling.

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