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Concrete Sidewalks

Concrete sidewalks shouldn’t be a tough thing for someone to get a quote on, should it? Believe it or not, we get more phone calls about concrete sidewalks than just about anything. To Harmon Concrete, there’s no such thing as a job that’s too small, but that’s what we’re hearing from our customers when we initially bid their job… We were the only ones they could get to give them an estimate on their concrete sidewalk.Concrete Sidewalks Concrete Sidewalks 062  2  300x200

As sad as it sounds, it’s true. Most concrete contractors don’t want to deal with anything smaller than a few thousand square feet. With that being said, Harmon Concrete loves to pour concrete sidewalks! While we love to do stained concrete, epoxy, concrete driveways, we also love to do concrete sidewalks!

A concrete sidewalk should be reflective of the type of home you have. It can be wide, thin, have an odd shape or be straight as an arrow. It can have as many, if not more, variables than a concrete driveway.

As with any concrete we place, our concrete sidewalks have a compacted sub grade, properly placed forms and an experienced crew to make sure the job is done the way you want.

Within the last 30 years, we’ve poured hundreds and hundreds of concrete sidewalks. If you need help with design, let us know. If you’re having trouble keeping the water away from your home or place of business, just let us know and we’ll take care of the rest.

Your sidewalk can be in any specific size and shape you desire. It can curve with a radius and even have take on an old time look and feel with special patterns. Be sure to take a look at our decorative concrete sidewalks section if you’re interested in stamped concrete.

If you’re looking to put in a concrete sidewalk and you live anywhere within 200 miles of Northwest Arkansas, Tulsa, Oklahoma or Missouri, contact us at Harmon Concrete. You won’t have to call us more than once to give you an estimate.

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