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Concrete Floor Prep

Surface Prep Concrete Floor Prep Concrete Floor Prep Surface Prep 300x224When installing popular floor coatings such as epoxy, stain, tile, hardwood flooring or even linoleum, the concrete floor prep subject is eventually going to come up. One of the major reasons popular floor coatings fail is due to poor floor preparation.

Simply acid washing the surface is never enough to ensure proper bonding and adhesion for coatings. Harmon Concrete has state of the art mechanical concrete grinding equipment that allows us to properly prepare a concrete floor for epoxy coatings, hardwood floors, tile, linoleum and more.

Our floor prep services give you peace of mind when it comes to installing your floor coating. Our professional floor grinding equipment is designed to give you the perfect prepared floor surface.

Epoxy coatings have been dubbed the demons of floor coatings as they seem to peel up after a short time. While some experts claim the epoxy is at fault, our experience (Since 1987) tells us that most epoxy floor failures occur because of faulty floor preparation.

Why Choose Harmon Concrete For Surface Prep

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When a concrete slab is initially installed, a power trowel is historically used to help flatten the surface. One of the main reasons we use power trowels on concrete slabs is to help seal the concrete surface. It usually appears glossy and can sometimes be slick when wet. The use of a power trowel also helps prevent water damage to the slab. Take a peek at your garage floor and you’ll see what we mean.

The power trowel is a great tool to have if you plan on leaving the concrete bare, but if you plan on staining the concrete surface at some point, you’ll need to mechanically grind the “creamy” surface in order to make sure the concrete stain penetrates deep within the pores of the slab. Without a mechanical grinding of the concrete, the stain will simply sit on top as if it were a topical coating. This is when flaking, chipping and peeling will start to appear. Stained concrete floors may also fade over time if the stain is not allowed to penetrate the surface.

The same is true with epoxy flooring. Without grinding the concrete surface, the epoxy is more like paint than epoxy. Mechanically grinding the concrete surface will make sure the epoxy adheres to the concrete surface, thus making sure you have an epoxy floor that you can be proud of for years to come.

Harmon Concrete offers our grinding services as a way to help the typical do-it-yourself homeowner who would like to apply their own epoxy coating, stain, hardwood floor or tile.

Harmon Concrete will even take care of those pesky cracks in the concrete. With our time tested formulas and techniques, we can make sure the cracks in your concrete slab won’t interfere with your concrete coating.

For more information on our concrete floor preparation services, please feel free to contact us at any time. For your added convenience, we have an online appointment scheduling system so you can have one of our owners call or come by on a day and time that works best for you.

Harmon Concrete proudly offers the following services: Polished ConcreteStained polished concreteepoxy flooringconcrete countertops, coating removal and concrete leveling.

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