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Why do you seal decorative concrete?

Sealing Decorative Concrete decorative concrete Why do you seal decorative concrete? Sealing Decorative Concrete 300x225One problem with colored concrete that plain gray doesn’t worry about much is efflorescence. Efflorescence is a powdery white material that forms on the surface of the concrete. It’s caused by calcium hydroxide which is naturally in the concrete after it sets.

As water moves out of the concrete it carriers with it some of this calcium hydroxide, which then reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to become calcium carbonate. On plain gray concrete, you really can’t see efflorescence, and even if you can, typically no one worries about it. It doesn’t affect the concrete’s strength. On colored concrete, we’re very careful about mix design, and get a cure & seal down as soon as possible, thus eliminating some of the danger of efflorescence.

The other primary reasons Harmon Concrete seals decorative concrete are to bring out the color, make the surface shiny, and protect it from stains.

  • Curing concrete is critical to a high-quality finished surface.
  • Keep evaporation retardant on hand for initial curing.
  • For final curing, water curing is the best method if feasible.
  • For colored concrete, Harmon Concrete will use cure & seal, which is effective for both curing and sealing.
  • We use a cure & seal material that complies with the requirements of ASTM C1315, Type I, Class A.
  • For sealing, we use solvent-based high-solids-content acrylics.

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