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What is the difference between stamped concrete and a decorative concrete overlay?

Decorative Concrete Overlay decorative What is the difference between stamped concrete and a decorative concrete overlay? IMG 2533 Copy 300x200decorative concrete overlay is just that… a highly durable thinset layer of hybrid polymer concrete that overlays an existing patio, floor, foyer, driveway, sidewalk or any other type of existing concrete.

Stamped concrete is a completely new pour of concrete where a pattern is stamped into the concrete. Stamped concrete on a new concrete pour has the advantage of being one piece, where a  concrete overlay tries to bond two pieces together.

Both types of decorative finishes have an advantage over the other. They also have their disadvantages as well.

For decorative overlays, the process is much quicker. It replaces the need where Harmon Concrete would traditionally take out the existing dirt or sod.  On the other hand, finding a concrete company that uses the highest quality materials is of the utmost importance. Let’s face it, if the decorative concrete overlay doesn’t stick to your concrete driveway, concrete sidewalk, concrete patio or anything else for that matter, then it really didn’t do the job for which it was intended.

When considering a concrete overlay vs removing and installing a new decorative concrete driveway, decorative concrete sidewalk, decorative concrete patio or even decorative concrete steps, you should be aware that an overlay will only be as good as the concrete it sits on. If your concrete has very many wide cracks or is crumbling in certain areas, you can rest assured that if your concrete contractor doesn’t know what he’s doing, it’s simply going to show through the final product.

Stamped Concrete Patio decorative What is the difference between stamped concrete and a decorative concrete overlay? stamped patio 300x200

The other thing to consider is price. Traditionally, decorative concrete overlays can be considerably more expensive than stamped concrete. Why? Because the materials are almost double the price.

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