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Sealer For My Stained Concrete Floors

Applying Sealer On Stained Concrete stained concrete Sealer For My Stained Concrete Floors Applying Sealer On Stained ConcreteSealer For My Stained Concrete Floors

When it comes to stained concrete floors, the decorative concrete installation isn’t complete without the application of a sealer. Taking the time to put down a layer (One or more) of protection not only prolongs the life of your beautiful handiwork, but it is also designed to enhance and preserve the stained concrete appearance.

The benefits of sealing stained concrete floors, depending on the product used, include:

Enriching the color intensity of the concrete (Both interior and exterior).

Sealing a stained concrete floor adds a sheen to the surface that ranges from a satin seal to a high gloss seal.

It blocks the penetration of dirt, oil, grease, chemicals, and other stains, making the stained and sealed concrete easier to clean and maintain.

Sealing stained concrete will also protect against abrasion and wear.

To get each of these great perks, however, the right sealer for the job must be used. When searching the internet, you’ll literally find hundreds of products on the market that can suit just about every type of concrete sealing application you can think of, but there is no such thing as one sealer being perfect for all stained concrete flooring projects.

Making things worse, if you end up using the wrong sealer for your stained concrete floors or even apply it improperly, it can ruin an otherwise flawless stained concrete flooring installation.

To help you sort through the endless options of stained concrete floor sealers, and hopefully avoid making mistakes you’ll regret later, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. We have the knowledge and ability to make sure the right concrete sealer is being used for the right stained concrete floor.

In the future, Harmon Concrete will write and an overview about the basic types of sealers that are available for stained concrete floors.

Don’t hesitate to ask a Harmon Concrete representative about the use of sealer and its many advantages on your stained concrete floors. If you plan on having another concrete contractor install a sealer on your stained concrete floor, ask lots of questions and never settle for what we like to call “hidden answers”… Answers that go around a direct question. If you’re left confused, ask again.

If you’re looking to put a sealer on top of an epoxy floor, make sure you do the research before your installation. We’re planning on several articles about the use of sealers, so check back often to see if we have the articles on sealer that pertain to your particular concrete project.

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