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Possible Japan Tsunami Dock Washes Up in Oregon

Floating Concrete Dock  Possible Japan Tsunami Dock Washes Up in Oregon dock 300x200A huge 66 foot concrete dock mysteriously washed up on the Oregon shore around the 6th of June 2012. Officials are trying to figure out if the floating structure has traveled all the way from Japan after the March 2011 tsunami.

KATU reports that the dock has a placard with Japanese writing that they’re attempting to translate. In addition, the station traced a phone number on the placard to a local business located in Tokyo.

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department officials have sent a picture of the placard to the Japanese consulate in Portland for review.

“We don’t know where it’s from,” said Chris Havel with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department . “We don’t know if it’s from Japan or not but we have to eliminate those possibilities as we go forward.”

Even if the dock did travel thousands of miles to reach the shores of Oregon, it didn’t defy physics to get arrive there. While the structure is nearly 70 feet long, 7 feet tall and 19 feet wide and made of concrete and metal, it was also reportedly designed to float.

The dock was first spotted floating offshore but has now made its way to land. Kirk Tite was walking along the beach on Tuesday with his two sons and described the dock as a “massive hunk of concrete and metal covered in sea creatures.” They also found a Japanese symbol and imprint on tires attached to the dock, although those could simply indicate that the tires themselves were made in Japan.

“It says Shibata, Japan, which could mean it was made in Shibata, Japan, but it could also be from Shibata, Japan,” Tite said.

KATU says that after officials determine the dock’s origin, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department will either have it towed back to sea or dismantled on land.

Here’s what I think…

If it is in fact from Japan, maybe we should decorate the top with one of our famous flooring systems and send it back to Japan! That way, they can see for themselves that the greatest materials and artisans really do come from the USA!!!

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