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Polished Concrete Design Ideas

Polished Concrete Design Ideas

Polished Concrete Floor - Fire Department polished concrete design ideas Polished Concrete Design Ideas 1461 300x225Polished concrete flooring has come a long way since its inception, but polished concrete design ideas are left only to the imagination. It seems like the world has finally discovered the many benefits of using existing concrete as part or all of the main floor. The World of Concrete in Las Vegas is turning into the World of Polished Concrete.

For some, it’s not a matter of choosing polished concrete. It’s a matter of choosing a design that’s perfect for your particular environment. It all boils down to imagination. If you think it up, you can get it in a polished concrete floor. You can visualize your polished concrete with the Harmon Concrete polished concrete visualization tool.

Designing polished concrete floors doesn’t have to be a hard thing. Simply understanding what could be done with polished concrete designs is a major step in creating the perfect polished concrete floor.

Here are a few polished concrete design ideas with materials that can be seeded into the concrete;

  • Seeding polished concrete with glass creates a unique look with beautiful results.
  • Seeding polished concrete with Aluminum, brass and other metals are a great look in the right setting.
  • Seeding polished concrete with different sized marbles can also give a very unique look.
  • Seeding polished concrete with different sized rocks can be one of the most beautiful looks you’ll get. Finding rocks that are the same color will produce a more uniformed look. Rocks that are red, green and blue will put color in the slab without having to stain.
  • Seeding polished concrete with glow in the dark rocks will create a unique look that’s visible during the day as a plain rock and lighting up the way at night.

If you’ve got a particularly bad floor, a polished concrete overlay can provide just as many, if not more, options than a ground down concrete floor. The cost of polished concrete will increase with an overlay.

Below are just a few polished concrete design ideas for your next concrete polishing project.

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