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Placing And Finishing A Concrete Driveway

When it comes to placing and finishing a concrete driveway, Harmon Concrete has it down to a science. The concrete, once delivered, is discharged as quickly as possible. Anywhere from an hour to 1 1/2 hours is usually a reasonable time frame for the typical driveway. The following is the sequence we use for placing and finishing a new concrete driveway.

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Before placing and finishing a concrete driveway, we spray or brush all forms with form oil, and moisten the subgrade with water. We never over water and leave puddles or standing water on the subgrade before placing our concrete.

When pouring concrete, we always have it placed as near as possible to its finished position, either placed directly from the concrete chute, or into wheelbarrows and wheeled to its final location. We use shovels to ensure complete filling along the sides of the forms.

When placing and finishing a concrete driveway, we strike off the concrete with a straight piece of lumber to smooth the surface and bring the slab to its proper elevation. Check for any low spots. Another pass with the piece of lumber provides a uniform surface for the following finishing operations.

Immediately after strike off, a bullfloat is worked back and forth across the surface to remove any irregularities. We never overwork the concrete as the surface may be weakened. At this point, our edges can be tooled into the concrete.

Surface bleed water must evaporate before proceeding with the final finishing. Properly specified concrete should allow finishing operations to begin almost immediately. A concrete broom is used for the final finish.

Before brooming, the surface should be stiff enough to retain marks or grooves left by the bristles of the broom. A trowel finish is not recommended because it could leave the surface slippery and unsafe. The rougher broom finish improves traction. We snap chalk lines as soon as the concrete is hard enough to indicate where the control joints go.

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