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How Much Is Polished Concrete Per Square Foot?

How Much Is Polished Concrete Per Square Foot  How Much Is Polished Concrete Per Square Foot? How Much Is Polished Concrete Per Square FootSo you’re wanting polished concrete floors, but you also want to know “How much will I pay for polished concrete?” It’s a typical lingering question about the cost of polished concrete floors, but hopefully, Harmon Concrete can shed a little light on the subject.

If you would like to see how your floor would look with polished concrete, visualize your polished concrete with our polished concrete visualization tool.

Keep in mind that our polished concrete pricing is specific to the Central United States, so you may have to do a little research in your area to see exactly what a polished concrete floor will cost in your area.

Harmon Concrete has a set pricing structure for polished concrete floors. To answer the polished concrete floor pricing question, we must first determine the answers to a couple of return questions.

  • How polished would you like your concrete floors to be? Matte finished or extreme gloss?
  • How many square feet do you plan on having polished?
  • How many rooms would you like to have polished?
  • What type of flooring do you currently have?
  • What shape is the concrete to be polished in?
  • Is it a wide open area or several rooms?
  • Do you want plain polished concrete or stained polished concrete?
  • Do you need Harmon Concrete to pour the concrete to be polished?

Polished concrete, in general, can range anywhere from $3.00 per square foot to $12.00 per square foot. Harmon Concrete can look at a floor and have a general pricing idea with a few minutes, but it takes a thorough examination of the floor to correctly determine price.

The main level of concern for any concrete polishing company is the type of material that previously existed on the floor. For instance, if you used to have tile on your floors, there is usually a heavy amount of material that’s going to need to be removed before the polishing process can begin. If you previously had carpet, most likely you have a fair amount of glue on the floor. Both of these examples indicate that more labor will be needed in order to achieve the level of shine you’re wanting.

Holes and heavy gouges are also factors that could potentially increase your cost. These would need to be repaired to make sure the floor is as structurally sound as it should be.

As you can tell, there are a number of things to consider with polished concrete floors and the cost associated with them. Never fear though, as bad as you may think your floor may be, you might just be surprised at how little the price actually is compared to other flooring products. Harmon Concrete would be more than happy to help determine if your concrete floors can be polished. We have yet to find a floor that couldn’t be polished, although we’re sure they exist.

For more information on our polished concrete flooring services, please feel free to contact us at any time. For your added convenience, we have an online appointment scheduling system so you can have one of our owners call or come by on a day and time that works best for you.

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