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How do I calculate square footage for concrete?

Calculating Square Footage For Concrete calculate How do I calculate square footage for concrete? Calculating Square FootageWe’ve had several emails asking us how to calculate square footage for concrete projects, so we thought putting together a visual might be of assistance. In it’s easiest form, these are the best ways to figure your square footage. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to figure out measurements for polished concrete, epoxy flooring, acid staining, stamped or decorative concrete, concrete footings, faux finished concrete, driveways, porches, patios, decorative concrete or even sidewalks. You can even use it for figuring out how much paint you’ll need on your bedroom walls.

Calculating square footage properly allows us to determine the proper amount of concrete to use on your project. When bidding your job, we want to make sure we’ve calculated the proper amount of concrete so we don’t lose money. Calculating square footage not only helps in concrete, but it could help you figure out how much paint to use on your walls.

Calculating Odd Shaped Square Footage calculate How do I calculate square footage for concrete? Calculating Odd Shaped Square Footage

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Calculating Square Footage on Rectangles and Triangles

Multiply length times width to find the number of square feet in a square or rectangular room. Remember to calculate unfinished areas and deduct them from the total.

To calculate the area of a triangle, multiply its base length by its height and divide that figure by two.

Calculating Square Footage on Odd Shaped Areas

The dimensions of nearly any driveway, sidewalk, patio or garage can be split into multiple shapes to make calculations easier. The area to the left can be split into a square and a triangle.

Calculating Square Footage in Circles calculate How do I calculate square footage for concrete? Calculating Square Footage in Circles

Calculating Square Footage on Circles and Octagon Shaped Areas

The area of a circle is determined by squaring its radius and multiplying that figure by 3.14 (Pi). If the radius of a circle is ‘r’, then its diameter is 2xr and area is Pi x r xr (Pi is the well known mathematical constant approximately equal to 3.14)

What we have been given is the diameter. So we have, 2 x r = 50 ft Therefore r = 25 ft Therefore The area must be = 3.14 x 25 x 25 sq. ft = 1962.5 sq. ft.

Calculate the area of an octagon by splitting it into a rectangle and triangles.

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