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Epoxy On Restaurant Floor Complete

Cracked and Patched Concrete Floor  Epoxy On Restaurant Floor Complete 330 225x300

It took some long hours with the Harmon Concrete crew, but the end result is a floor we can all be proud of!

As you can tell from the picture on the right, we had a pretty difficult task ahead of us. The floor was originally built when the old Fayetteville Powerhouse was constructed in 1927. The cracks you see to the right have been patched and even patched again. Finally, a couple of years ago, they were given up on and stained in order to mask the problem.

Cracked and Patched Concrete Floor  Epoxy On Restaurant Floor Complete 328 225x300

The floor, with the stained concrete, was ground down before we began our process. The stained concrete was so old, our grinders were literally eating the concrete way to fast. At one point, we had to use hand grinders in order to preserve the original stained concrete as best we could.

The original patch was almost 2″ deep. Once our patching material was in place, it was just a matter of time before we could start making the floor look new again.The picture on the left explains the rest of the challenge. When the old powerhouse was converted into a restaurant, they had to install plumbing and water pipes. Although they tried their best to patch it the right way, it just wasn’t holding up. Once our grinders hit it, the whole patch started to move. It was decided that we should remove the patch and start over.

The pictures below are indicative of what can be accomplished when the right team of experts gets on the job. Harmon Concrete has a “Don’t give up” attitude that makes for a far superior job than those with a less optimistic attitude.

Before the crack and After the crack  Epoxy On Restaurant Floor Complete 357

If you have a troubled floor with stain, epoxy, tile, carpet or even wood on it, don’t give up it before you give us a call. e have the expertise and knowledge to turn your floors into a work of art. When it comes to staining concrete, we are the experts. When it comes to epoxy flooring, we are the experts! For as little as $5.00 per square foot, you can have the floor of your dreams. Judging from the pictures above and below, do you think your floors can be saved? We think so!

We will be uploading some additional pictures of this particular project in a picture gallery. Click here to see the rest of the pictures.

Most of our epoxy flooring projects are completed within 2-3 days depending on the existing structure of the floor. Contact us by phone or request a 100% free estimate online.

The stairs Before and After  Epoxy On Restaurant Floor Complete 358

If you’re in the market to have a Northwest Arkansas concrete company put epoxy on your restaurant floor, retail shopping floor, garage floor, basement floor or any other concrete surface, please give the professionals at Harmon Concrete a call. We want to be your concrete contractor and your concrete company! We service residential, commercial and industrial customers in and around Northwest Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

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