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Concrete in Freezing Temperatures

Pouring Concrete in extreme Weather freezing Concrete in Freezing Temperatures Curing Concrete in Cold Weather 223x300Cold Weather Concreting

At low temperatures, concrete sets slowly and strength gain is delayed. Not only may this result in the contractor being on the job longer than he had planned, but freezing damage to the concrete is possible both before and after stiffening takes place.

Recognize Possible Problems

When the air temperature is 40? F or below during the placing and early curi ng periods of concrete, adequate precautions should be taken.

Longer set times should be expected in cold weather and will be made worse if precautions are not taken. As concrete temperatures drop from 60? F to 40? F setting time will increase approximately 80% from 8 hours to 14 1/3 hours (See Table Below).

Site Considerations

Addition of water on the jobsite will prolong set times. Low slump concrete is particularly desirable for cold weather flatwork concrete, allowing the finishing work to be accomplished quicker.

Concrete should never be placed on frozen ground ? unequal setting will occur when ground thaws, cause cracking. Remove all snow, Ice and frost before placing concrete.

 Mix Design Adjustments

The concrete’s set time and early strength may be accelerated by one or more of the following:

  • Request 3-4 inch slump
  • Increase cement content by 100 lbs
  • Where available use hot water
  • Use 1-2% calcium chloride or an accelerating admixture when steel reinforcement is not present.

Remember these measures by themselves may not prevent concrete from freezing.

If it is likely that any of the concrete will be exposed to freezing in a saturated condition during construction, it should be air entrained even though it will not be exposed to freezing in its normal use.

Protect and Cure Concrete

To prevent freezing damage, provide insulation to maintain concrete temperatures at 55° F for the length of time shown below:

  • 2 days for footings
  • 3 days for flatwork

Retain the heat generated by the concrete by insulating with one of the following:

  • A 12″ or more thick blanket of straw with polyethylene plastic film above and below the straw
  • Polystyrene foam sheets
  • Commercial insulating blankets

How Long Does It Take Concrete To Freeze?

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