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Blue Concrete Driveway

Blue Concrete Driveway Blue Concrete Driveway Blue Concrete Driveway 803 300x225Yes, a blue concrete driveway! Most of us would think a blue concrete driveway would look awful, and I have to admit I was a little skeptical myself when we first nailed down the color choice.  As it turns out though, the blue concrete driveway not only looks beautiful, but it matches the undeniable uniqueness of my all time favorite customers.

When looking for potential colors for your concrete, sometimes it’s good to know there are colors less common that may enhance the value of your property. For instance, not only is there a blue concrete driveway in Camden, Missouri, but it’s also the talk of Ray County… Good talk!

Until you see a blue concrete driveway in person, there is probably nothing that could convince you that a blue concrete driveway would be right for your home. Once you see it up close and personal, it has a beautiful appeal that could potentially have you calling us to schedule your blue concrete driveway.

The border for our blue concrete driveway was another hard choice. What color do you pick to surround a blue concrete driveway? If you’re like most people, you forget the whole blue concrete driveway thing and go with a traditional earth tone color that’s safe… not to mention a little more acceptable by your neighbors.

Our customer chose Terra Cotta, and guess what? It turned out to be the perfect color choice! While her background is in chemicals, she could have made a living as an interior decorator. Needless to say, with a blue concrete driveway and a Terra Cotta border, our customers have one of the most unique driveways in the Country, and I’ve learned just a little more about reaching outside of the box!

When you’re ready for your driveway project to get started, be sure to give the professionals at Harmon Concrete a call. Whether you’re looking to have a blue concrete driveway, a red concrete driveway or a traditional broomed concrete driveway, we have the knowledge and experience to get you the perfect concrete. Contact us by phone or fill out our bid request form and set your own appointment today!

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